A Bed for the Center

I’m excited about my new boarding martial arts center that is launching soon. I need to equip it with everything before the launch day. I’m going shopping and in my list is the adjustable bed. I know most people are used to the standard bed but I also want to believe that there are some who might want to sleep on an adjustable bed.  I know shopping is not an easy task for some people and that is why I made every effort to do to research and write reviews on those that I plan to buy. Check these reviews before you go shopping.

L300 Adjustable Bed from LUCID

L300 Adjustable from LUCID

This is the bed you need if you want one that is adjustable. It comes with a wireless remote that has a flashlight and batteries to ensure that you can control everything from wherever you are and be comfortable. There is also a programmable memory choice that allows you to have your preferred position. Additionally, the bed comes with a double USB charging locations on all sides of the base of your bed so you can charge all your devices from wherever you are.  Buying this mattress for yourself will not be wrong. I’m sure you will love it and never regret. Check this link for more information.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is reliable
  • The bed is quiet
  • The bed is suitable for people with back pain
  • It is suitable for couples
  • It is stylish
  • The bed is comfortable
  • The bed is of the best quality


  • I discovered that the bed is not that safe

Purple PowerBase Bed

Purple PowerBase

This adjustable bed from Purple is the right bed for people who want to read or watch TV in bed. The bed features adjustable legs that let you lower or raise the bed so you can achieve the desired height. There is a hook reservation mechanism that helps to avoid the slipping of the mattress during the adjusting of the bed. The maker of the bed also provides you with a wireless remote that allows customizing the settings without moving. You can also change the settings using an app. If you are always charging your gadgets, don’t worry because this bed features USB ports that you can use to charge your devices. Additionally, the bed comes with a zero-gravity preset that is ideal for helping sleepers who have high blood pressure.


  • It is suitable for people with back pains and high blood pressure
  • Ideal for reading in bed
  • Allows you to charge your gadgets while in bed
  • It is comfortable
  • Prevents mattress from slipping
  • Ideal for couples
  • Allows you to customize it to your desired height


  • It is a bit heavy

PragmaBed’s Pragmatic Bed

PragmaBed’s Pragmatic

If you haven’t found one from the list that meets your needs, try this one from PragmaBed and I’m certain you will like it. The bed features a flexible bed frame that offers effortless adjustment of the foot and head area to a complete range of locations. The bed also comes with capped feet that assist them in the prevention of damage to your hard floors. There is also a powerful motor that runs quietly to ensure that you are not disturbed while reading or watching television. It is one of the best adjustable beds that will give you value for your money. Wife Knows has the best!


  • The assembly of this bed is easy
  • It has a stylish design
  • The motor of this bed works quietly
  • It is suitable for relieving back pain
  • Storing the bed is easy since it is foldable
  • It is easy to transport the bed from one area to another
  • The bed is suitable for post-surgery recovery


  • There are uneven raising and lowering of this bed’s foot end

Do you love reading or watching TV in bed? Well, get an adjustable bed from the ones I have reviewed here. Most of them are easy to assemble and store. Apart from giving you to sleeping comfort you need, this bed comes with several health benefits. If you have constant back pain, an adjustable bed will be useful. Also, if you are recovering after surgery, An adjustable bed will be suitable for giving you the comfort you need to enjoy your recovery period. Read this reviews as well: https://wifeknows.com/best-adjustable-beds/.